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November 13, 2003

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Cali, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cali
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
   This is Cali short for California Sunset. I got Cali at two weeks old from a breeder in Florida. She is a Sun Conure. Cali was raised in a tractor trailer. I was an over the road driver when I got her and had to hand feed her so she came along for the ride. I am a local driver now and Cali is twelve weeks old. She still goes to work with me everyday. She like to go for rides in the big truck. She feels right at home. She sits on my shoulder as we ride down the highway and loves to yell at all the other cars and trucks going by. I take her into the pier in Boston where she gets spoiled rotten by all the people who work there. Cali is a very sweet bird. She never bites and loves to give kisses. I even have her trained to poop on command!

    Cali loves to play with balls and lay on her back any chance she gets. She plays a cute game of catch me if you can on the top of the couch. She will run as fast as she can while flapping her wings real fast and squawking as if to say "hee hee Mom, you can't get me!" She is just a joy to have and we are very lucky she came our way. A very special member of our family. I hope that we will have many happy years together.

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