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November 12, 2003

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Mr. Snuggles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mr. Snuggles
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Holland Lop
Home: Grants Pass, Oregon, USA
   Mr. Snuggles is the first and only rabbit that I purchased from a pet store, but it was well worth it. I went in there two days after my birthday just looking at the pets. I was looking at a broken black mini lop, but when I saw Snuggles everything changed! How I knew he was the rabbit for me I don't know, but I went back the next day and bought him. Snuggles is a outside rabbit, but gets plenty of time to hop around inside and out. He is a real cute character that will stay with me forever. He has ten other bunny friends and has a spacious cage with many toys to play with.

    Snuggles has a very cute personality that makes him a special rabbit! He has the sweetest personality. He loves bunny kisses and always greets me every morning and evening. He lets me hold him, and take pictures of him and he is virtually bombproof! He really enjoys going on walks with his bunny leash. He loves the rabbit he is next to. He likes to sniff her and seems like he talks to her. Snuggles was going to be my 4-H rabbit, but my leader told me his ears were unacceptable and get one that is "lop eared". But I still love him. Snuggles' favorite foods are strawberries and dried apple chips.

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