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November 9, 2003

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Cricket, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cricket
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Parakeet
Home: South Florida, USA
   When Cricket arrived home from the pet store he was not feeling well. We took him for a visit to the vet, and we were told it was urgent to get food in this little bird's belly, because he was way under weight and he might not make it another 48 hours. Armed with determination, love and patience, a syringe and some warm human baby food we had to force feed the very ill, frail boy, we did this for ten days, and returned to the vet. Amazingly, not only had Cricket gained four grams, he was also the picture perfect of health.

    Cricket has taught us a great lesson... Do not give up on the small weaker pets, they do have incredible survival skills and with a little help from human companions, they will fight with all their mighty and may thrive on life! Cricket has recovered one hundred percent and sings for us all day. He not only has survived in body, but also in spirit! Cricket is a tiny little bird with a huge personality and feisty attitude. He loves to play and sing and goes on from morning to night lifting anyone's spirit. He has said few words and is learning quickly. We just love his presence in our daily lives.

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