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November 2, 2003

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Blondie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Blondie
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Beige Hooded Rat
Home: Sweden
   This is my wonderful rat Blondie! She is my first rat. And I was so lucky the day I got her, you see I have always wanted a rat! But my parents didn't like them, so I had about 40 mice. And one day my friend Yvonne, she has this snake, and after school she wanted me to follow her to a pet store to buy a little baby mouse to feed the snake. And I said sure. So we went in there, and I asked the guy in the store if I could look at some rats just for fun, I just think they are cute. And then I saw this little red eye beige and white baby rat! She was so scared and SO cute! And I didn't even think before I said "I want that rat!" Then she was all mine! I didn't know anything about rats' colour, so I thought she was blonde or something, so in the bus on my way home I thought the name Blondie would fit her. Now my family and I have two dogs, three cats and my little Blondie and another rat I just bought from a friend, a six-week-old Black Hooded rat female. She is so cute too!

    Blondie is the most cutest rat ever!! She always wants to play and run around in my room! She loves her little ball with a bell and she loves to chase and catch the ball. And she gets so happy when she finds some food in my room, she takes the food and climbs up to my lap and eat and cuddle haha. She loves to be around me! When I go away from her she runs after me. I bring her to school some times too. She likes to meet my friends and smell and taste their hair, pretty weird hm? And it's fun because when she's out of her cage, when she's in my room or on my shoulder in school, she never pees or poops. I love that! And some people think rats smell! Well, Blondie's cage never smells bad! Rats are very clean! My dogs smell more! Well I hope she'll live forever, because I just love to see her fall asleep, tired of all the play, in my lap. She is the cutest and most wonderful loving pet and I love her so much!!

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