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May 24, 2003

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Alfie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Alfie
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Polish Arabian
Home: USA
   Hi! I'm Alfie. My fancy name is Tir na N'Og, but everyone calls me Alfie. My human named me Tir na N'Og after a Celtic faerie tale about a boy called Oisin who travels on a white horse to the magical land of Tir na N'Og. We didn't know the name of Oisin's horse, so we thought Tir na N'Og was just as good. We wanted a good strong Irish name for me since my human is half Polish (like me!) and half Irish. This way, I was a part of all of her family.

    As you can see, I love to have my picture taken. I think this photograph really brings out my eyes. My human (that's her with me!) says that it captures my curiosity about pretty much everything in this world. It's true. I want to know everything, even if it means coming to an abrupt halt that my human isn't expecting so that I can inspect whatever caught my attention. I feel bad when she falls off, but it's not my fault! I always apologize by giving her nuzzles and kisses when she falls. She's very understanding. We've known each other since I was a yearling and she was nine. She thought I was the prettiest horse she'd ever seen and when she finally got to ride me two years later, we loved each other even more than we had on the ground. She didn't mind that I was a little spooky, and I didn't mind that she bounced on my back when we cantered. I taught her how to jump, which is what I do best - I land so smoothly you barely even know it. I love to jump high, even if the fence is low - it's like flying! I'm the size of a pony, but I'm a horse really. My human says that it's heart that makes me a horse, not a pony.

    My human gives me tons of treats and is always fussing over me. She calls me her buddy. I love to show off for her and her family by prancing with my tail in the air, rolling in the dust (They love that! And I get extra brushing after I do it, too!) and coming to screeching halts from a dead run just steps from the paddock fence. This makes them nervous for some reason. I can't imagine why - I know when to stop! I also nod my head when they say "Is Alfie a pretty boy?" Such a silly question! My first human taught me how to bow, but I haven't done that trick in a long time. My human tells me all her secrets and sings to me when we go riding. She says she learned everything she knows from me, and it's pretty much the truth. She's my favorite human - and I know I'm her favorite pony!

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