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May 13, 2003

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Rocky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rocky
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Patagonian conure
Home: Santa Ana, California, USA
   This is Rocky, he's a male Patagonian conure. When I first brought Rocky to live with my mother and I, I felt a little skeptical. I mean, ever since I was a little girl I had been used to having a pet. Before I brought Rocky home, I had two other types of parrots and unfortunately, they both died. At first I didn't want to bring him home, because I felt that I was cursed and that I might inadvertently kill him (I was only 12 at the time). But we took Rocky home, and he slowly started to get used to me and I started to get used to him. Now we are the best of friends.

    What makes my baby Rocky special is that he knows how to do everything and he's just like a little annoying two year old kid. I am an only child, so I obviously need to be bothered by someone and Rocky does his job excellently. He talks, dances and even tries to console me when I cry by crying with me and kissing me. He loves to take showers by himself in the bathtub, if anyone dares to bother him during his shower time he will not hesitate to run after you and bite at you until you get out!! He's so amazing, and he's a very jealous little man. If anyone dares to touch my mom or me while he's around, run for your life because he will attack!!! But what really makes him wonderful is that he has managed to bring some light into our lives. I will sure miss him when I go off to college and I hope he does too.

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