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May 11, 2003

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Button and Chewy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Button and Chewy
Age: Three months, One year old
Gender: Unknown, Female
Kind: Bronze Cory, Leopard Cory
Home: Ottawa, Canada
   This is Button and her/his mother, Chewy. We can't tell gender yet, but we think of Button as a girl. Her dad is Crunchy, also a Bronze Cory. The photo inset is Button when I first noticed her in the community tank. She was about 5mm long at the time. I wasn't intending to breed Corys, so her parents were just in the community tank with other more omnivorous fish. Somehow, she managed to not get eaten. I found her when I was about to vacuum the tank. I looked in and a little voice in my head said, "wait, there's a pair of eyes looking back at you." It gave me quite a shock until I realized that one of the Cory eggs had hatched and survived. That was Button!

    Button is really active and always looking around for food. She enjoys swimming in the output from the filter and climbing in the plant branches in the tank. Button now has two more siblings, Mumble and Nougat.

    I think Chewy is Button's mother. Corys are a schooling catfish and they like to be in groups of five or more. Adult Corys can be pretty sedentary, and Chewy likes to sit around resembling a boat hull much of the time. They can move remarkably fast when they want to, though. Chewy particularly enjoys eating shrimp pellets and flake food that drops near the filter.

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