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March 24, 2003

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Annie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Annie
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Thoroughbred
Home: Vancouver, Washington, USA
   I have owned Annie since she was five years old. I sold her when she was about nine. I began to miss her so much, and fortunately, I was able to buy her back! She is the best horse I've ever had, and I know she loves me back. I will never sell her again. Annie is very affectionate. She loves her face being brushed and petted and will often-times rub her head up against you. For twelve years old, she's still got a whole lot of energy, which I just adore. She loves to play. Sometimes I'll let her loose in the arena and just run around with her. Of course, I get worn out before she does. She also loves it when I just let her graze. Together, we ride dressage and also do a lot of natural horsemanship. She loves it; we both do. We play Parelli games like the "stick to me game" where she follows me around, and the "I'm gonna get your hiney" game where I just look toward her hind end and she turns it away from me so she's facing me. We do that a lot, it's like she's the cutting horse and I'm the cow. She is very special to me and we love to spend time together.

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