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March 15, 2003

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Zander, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zander
Age: 21 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   We adopted Zander, along with his twin brother, Fergus, from an animal shelter last year, when they were tiny baby boys. Since then Zander has taken every opportunity to assert his unchallenged dominance of the hutch - he surely is 'King of the Backyard!'

    Zander is smart as a whip, and very handsome - his beautiful black fur is thoroughly licked every day. He dislikes rain vehemently, because it makes his fur go fluffy. It always makes me laugh to see him curled up in a little ball, clearly in a grump, whenever it's raining!

    Apart from these moods Zander is a very spirited, courageous little man. He practices his moves on the back lawn - it always looks as though he is running from an imaginary predator. He swerves and leaps and darts through the fence, and hops into pot plants and onto the windowsill. He's very proud, too, and doesn't like hugs at all - I always feel as if he's indignant when his Mommy gives him a hug - "Hey Mom, none of that baby stuff for me!"

    In September, Zander's love of jumping into pots got the better of him, though - he leapt into a pot of rose bush and was happily munching on the flowers when a thorn poked him square in the left eye. He's surely learnt his lesson - he has lost some vision in that eye. That couldn't stop him though, and he still scoots about the yard with as much energy and joy as the day we got him. Zander is a very cute, very gutsy little boy, and I love him very much.

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