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March 4, 2003

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Csoki, the Pet of the Day
Name: Csoki
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian Guinea pig
Home: Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
   Between the two pets here in our house, Csoki (which means "little chocolate" in Hungarian) is by far the most spoiled. We have a Cockatiel named Milo as well, and we have nicknamed them both "the brats" because, quite frankly, it describes them so well! Csoki rules the house with his demands in carrots, lettuce, watermelon, etc., you name it! He will squeak so loud that when you are downstairs, you can hear him from the upstairs, where we have his cage. Even if he was just fed recently, once he hears my voice and the rustling of plastic bags, he will start squeaking and climbing up on his hind legs.

    One of his "bratty" characteristics, very similarly to Milo, is that both of these guys will fling food out of their cages, leaving a constant mess to vacuum up! Regardless, we love them both dearly and with each of their unique personality traits, they always leave a smile on our faces everyday. In addition, when Csoki visits Milo once in a while, Milo gets so happy he starts to sing. And of course Csoki is not really amused at the situation because he is thinking, "now where is that carrot?"

    Csoki has also acquired the nickname "our genius pig" because whenever we take him out of his cage and leave him on the floor to explore, he will always find his way back into his cage without our guidance. He is one amazing, super special pig.

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