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March 3, 2003

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Jaimy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jaimy
Age: One year old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Black-headed caique
Home: The Netherlands
   Jaimy is a Black-headed caique. I do not know whether he is a male or female, as that is very difficult to tell on a caique. Jaimy is a real cuddler that will gladly sit with me. He is very playful and active and seems so silly when out of his cage. Caiques are known for their clownish and acrobatic behavior. Jaimy will hang upside down, jump, roll, whistle ... all while you watch. Jaimy also likes to mimic what I do. Naturally, he find everything I do interesting, so he wants to do it at the same time.

    Jaimy loves water very much. As soon as he hears the faucet, he becomes totally happy. I then get him out the cage then go the spring to one's feet and he quickly begins whistling 'papegaaitje leef je nog,' 'fjiet-fjieuw' and other melodies (he's not able to talk). After that he jumps into the water and plays very hard. After a time, Jaimy becomes very tired. After the games, he often nestles under my hair. There he remains for the whole time until I him put him back in his cage!

    Jaimy is very special to me. I hope you think he is, too!

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