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March 1, 2003

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Tiki, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tiki
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quaker Parrot
Home: Tallahassee, Florida, USA
   Tiki Bird is a special bird to me and my husband. She started saying "Tiki Bird" at three months old and saying "That's my Tiki Bird," "Tiki's a good bird," and "What are you doing?" within the next two weeks. We never have a dull moment, as she keeps us laughing. You could never have a bad day after being around her. She is very loving and likes a lot of attention.

    That's my girl... Tiki is a curious female bird that loves to have people around. She is very affectionate and will talk for hours non-stop until you hold her. She always throws her neck back to let you know to rub under her neck. She is always ready to go when you are. She likes to travel and see where she is going. Her favorite trick is hiding in her tent (while sticking her head out to play hide and seek and saying "Tiki's a good bird"), then all of a sudden she comes flying out... as you can see in the picture. We have enjoyed her so much that three other members of my family have also gotten Quaker parrots which are: Hershey (because my sister likes chocolate), Rocky (named after my nephew's action figure, Rocky Canyon) & Busby. We all talk on the telephone every day to each other, just to hear the funny stories about each bird, which has brought all of our family closer together.

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