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June 26, 2003

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Emmie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Emmie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: Key Largo, Florida, USA
   This is my lovely little bird Emmie! She's a very quiet, very affectionate bird, and she absolutely loves to ride around on Mom and Dad's shoulders and preen our hair and ears! Her favorite game is to pick things up off her play gym and drop them on the ground for Mom to pick up. And giver her several pieces of balled up newspaper on the bottom of her cage and she'll play with it for hours! She also like to dance when she meet new friends by bobbing her head up and down while they clap. She is simply overflowing with personality, and is definitely the boss over her big "brother," Nevada the Amazon Parrot. She is definitely the light of our lives!

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