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June 21, 2003

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Little Lightning Bolt, the Pet of the Day
Name: Little Lightning Bolt
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Oklahoma, USA
   It all started when our family kept my first grade teacher's guinea pig for the summer. It turned out that my second grade teacher also had a guinea pig that I took care of and became quite attached to. My brother and I decided that we needed a guinea pig from Santa. Our parents agreed that as long as we shared the guinea pig, got it as a joint present, and took care of it then it would be all right. So we agreed, deciding that a shared guinea pig was better than no piggy at all. Well time passed and one night in late November we went out to eat dinner at someone's house. When we returned I happened to pass through the living room, and there sticking out of the fireplace was a large, green, plastic box. Of course that made me curious so I peeked into it. I saw wood shavings, a food bowl of carrots, and a water bottle. Then in the corner I saw it- a small guinea pig!!! I instantly shouted the news to my family. Everyone rushed in to see out new family member. A letter from Santa explained that he had known that the guinea pig would not be allowed on the plane so he had brought her early. Two months passed, and Lightning grew longer and much fatter. Then on the morning of February 10 when we woke up we discovered that Lightning was a mother!!! She had brought us three new and unexpected family members. We gave them all away, but still love their small mother very much!

    Lightning Facts:
  1. Lightning loves carrots and cucumbers
  2. She is smaller than most guinea pigs
  3. She enjoys playing hide-and-seek

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