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June 20, 2003

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Harley, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harley
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bird
Home: Connecticut, USA
   I went to the pet store to get a finch and he clung to the cage staring and quacking at me. I went over to the cage and he tried desperately to get on my finger, he never took his eye off me and let me know verbally he was around. I bought Snow White the finch and left. Well as I looked through the glass he was still watching me but mot as happily as before.

    I got home and told my husband about him. My husband said go get him and I did. When I walked back into the enclosure he went absolutely crazy. I informed the attendant that I was taking him, he open the cage and Harley jumped to my chest, climbed up and started giving me kisses. Harley was three months old.

    Harley has a variety of animals around. There is Shadow, the 12-year-old cat, she has always been the hunter (no mouse stays in my house). You can just imagine our shock when Harley flew off my shoulder down the hall into the bedroom not 6 inches from Shadow and she did nothing! Harley has seen the passing of two of his animal family members. Loki was a sable German shepherd and Samantha a Maine coon cat. Both of a very gentle nature. Then came the puppies, two 6-1/2-week-old brothers. At first Harley had the upper hand (as you can see), but now that they are almost nine months old and weigh 95 lbs, Harley is more cautious and so am I.

    Harley is a joy, he likes to lay back in my arm and put his claw in his mouth and fall asleep. He is very jealous, I have a small stuffed parrot and if I lay that stuffed parrot in his sleeping place he picks it up, tears at it and throws it on the floor and then lays back in my arm.

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