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June 10, 2003

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Pookie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pookie
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini-Rex Rabbit
Home: Aptos, California, USA
   Pookie was my first ever bunny rabbit. He has the softest coat I've ever felt - and while he's not really a lover-bunny, he's never shy about letting you know when he wants a pat on the head! Pookie is extremely rambunctious, and can't go a day without zipping up and down the hallway at super-speed - throwing in a few binkies here and there for dramatic effect. He was a little disturbed when I brought a new friend home for him just three weeks after he'd been adopted, but when Patches got sick - Pookie was right there grooming and cuddling him trying to make him feel better. Pookie may be a little brat sometimes - but he's MY brat, and I love him just the same...

    Pookie is my little rascal. He's so sneaky! He's not much of a licker. Pookie is somewhat independent, but if he see's anyone else getting attention he has to be the first one to break it up so he can get some for himself! His favorite game is one he plays by himself with a large plastic ball I bought him a few weeks ago - he loves to grip it in his mouth and fling it all around the living room! Hours of entertainment, it's so cute!! He's big on rolling around on the carpet between binkies and can't get enough of his flip and toss carrot toy. He's a big sweetheart when it comes down to it.

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