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June 8, 2003

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Thelma and Louise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Thelma and Louise
Age: Four and a half months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Southern Gray Squirrel
Home: Mobile, Alabama, USA
   My pets are two gray squirrel girls. Their names are Thelma and Louise. I got them on September 2, 2002, Labor Day. They had fallen out of their nest at my aunt's house and she was unable to leave them on the ground long enough for their Mom to find them cause she has a bunch of cats that would've ended up getting them. So she called me. When I got them, they were about two weeks old. They didn't have their eyes open yet and were just about naked. At first I wasn't sure if they were baby rats or squirrels. I obtained a lot of the information on how to care for them off of the Internet and emailed a couple of people about them also. Some of the information that I found out, always give the babies water first to re-hydrate them, never start them on milk right away. Also, they do not generate their own body heat so I had to keep a heating pad under them, of course they were wrapped up in a bunch of T-shirts on top of the heating pad. The first night I was afraid that they wouldn't make it, just cause they were so young and tiny. But they made it the first night, second night, first week and now over four months later they are still with me. They are a ball to play with, I let them run around my room and when they get startled or scared at something they run back to me, the mother. It's hard to get them both in a picture together now that they're gown and healthy. But the one on the computer is Thelma, she loves to venture out into new territory! Louise is more conservative.

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