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July 24, 2003

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Spunky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spunky
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: White Capped Pionus
Home: Lexington, South Carolina, USA
   I first saw Spunky when he was about eight weeks old. The breeder that I bought him from put him and his sibling on her couch. Spunky started to explore and walked over to his sibling. I wondered if he would walk around the other pionus or turn around and walk the other way. Spunky walked right over his brother/sister. I thought to myself, "This little guy has a lot of spunk!"

    Spunky is not a cuddle bug but he loves to be out with us. He sits next to us and plays with the toys in his toy box and asks for scritches once in a while. He likes to preen us, too. He loves to take a shower with my son. It's very hard to get him out once he gets in! He loves his veggies. He thinks he is getting a real treat when he gets a bowl full of green beans, broccoli, snow pea pods, red bell pepper and corn. He also likes any kind of green leafy vegetable. Spunky speaks several languages. He speaks cockatiel, parakeet and English. He says "Pretty bird," "Up, up!" "Night, night" and when he gets ignored he says, "Pretty up, up!" which we think means "Please pick me up now!" He whistles like our cockatiels and chirps like our parakeets, too. Spunky is full of life and love and fun.

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