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July 17, 2003

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Sandra Letsgo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sandra Letsgo
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standardbred Pacer
Home: Great Meadows, New Jersey, USA
   I adopted Sandra five years ago. She was a race horse who had the blood lines to be a champion but never won any races. Her trainers always treated their horses like family so when they couldn't keep her, they put her up for adoption. I got her March 21, 1998. Our first show was June 7th of that year and we very unexpectedly placed 1st in the Western Grooming and Showmanship even with very little training. So far, there have not been any shows we haven't placed in. The National Championship Standardbred horse show is held every year. In 2001, we placed 1st in all of the Western Pleasure classes making her a National Champion Western Pleasure Standardbred. My friend April decided to take Sandra into two English classes at the same show even though we have never had an English saddle on Sandra through all of her training. Out of 30 horses in each class, she placed 6th!

    Not only is Sandra good in the show ring, she's good at home. We started out with her dragging people around even with a chain over her nose, which must have been uncomfortable, but now, she needs just a very thin rope halter and a very loose lead line. She'll follow people around the barn. She's like a huge puppy at 16.2 hands (or 5'5" at the highest point of her back). Even the smallest kids at the farm can easily work with her and she listens to every cue without question. Despite what Horse and Rider says about her breed not liking the companionship of humans (which I believe to be completely false), she prefers the companionship of humans and will walk up to greet anyone.

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