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July 4, 2003

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Cooper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cooper
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: African Pygmy Goat
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
   Cooper never fails to amuse us with his antics. He is very bright and learned several tricks very quickly including shaking hands/hooves. He's got as much personality as any human and reminds us of a toddler in the discovery phase. He's also very good at telling us "no" and showing us what he wants. We take Cooper hiking with us on a regular basis around Phoenix, though he prefers walks in the park so he can eat up all the fallen leaves. More than anything, his favorite thing is to go for a ride in the cab of our truck. He almost instantly falls asleep on our laps as soon as the engine starts up... often times, we have to force him out of the truck when the ride is over. Cooper is also very patriotic... notice the Uncle Sam hat, which he doesn't mind wearing. He's the best pet we've ever had and couldn't imagine how we did without him.

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