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January 28, 2003

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Happy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happy
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black & Tan rabbit
Home: The Netherlands
   Happy is a beautiful Black & Tan rabbit (not often seen as a house rabbit) and now has been in our lives for almost four years. We bought him at a rabbit exhibition (he was then six months old) and wanted to give him a good and loving home, something a lot of rabbits, unfortunately, do miss but we are able to give. Happy was immediately litter-trained (don't ask us how) and after only one week his hormones started to kick in. Wow, we were not able to get him off us, so there was only one option left: go to the vet for neutering him. He still resents us for that a little :) \

    But after that he turned into the sweetest rabbit you could ever imagine. He likes to be petted (of course when seated on the ground) and as you can see on the picture is a so-called beauty-sleeper, although he is a male rabbit :) After two years being the only rabbit in our household we decided to give him a rabbit friend, also a male named Puk. They were friends from the first minute (which is extraordinary as they are both male rabbits). Not all rabbits fit together, but we know that Happy can be friends with everyone (like with our love-birds and guinea pigs) and therefore we think he is a very special rabbit.

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