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January 27, 2003

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Hienrich, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hienrich
Age: Sixteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   This is our pet hamster, Hiney (pron/ high-nee), which is short for Hienrich. Lately he has started turning browner in places, probably because he's getting older.

    Hienrich was purchased for $8.79 in a pet store but we wouldn't sell him for $1,000.00. He's become a treasured member of the family. He lives in a huge three story cage with lots of open space and also a system of tubes which he loves to hoard food in.

    Hiney is most active in the late evening. He has a routine he likes; first he is handled and brushed, then he runs around on the huge computer desk for about 20 minutes (where he has hiding places galore, kleenex boxes to play in and a secret stash of seeds) and then 20 minutes in the ball, running the whole house. Then, after a 10-minute water break, another 30-40 minutes in the ball. He has amazing energy. He follows us around in the ball sometimes and can maneuver his ball around objects very well, seldom hitting a wall or furniture!

    Hiney never ever bites. He is totally trusting and if we miss his exercise time, he goes into a little cube he has in his cage and pouts. He'll sit in a trance for hours, waiting for someone to take him out. Like most hamsters, his favorite food is sunflower seeds but we limit them because they're so fattening. Hiney is our first hamster. We hope he lives a long happy life.

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