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January 11, 2003

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Sweetie, Diddo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetie, Diddo
Age: Two and one half, one year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Parakeets
Home: Maine, USA
   Sweetie's story (in her own words): well, I was first picked up at a country store in a parking lot. Some lady (she was a crazy driver) brought me there. I was too much bird to handle for my old owner, so they brought me to my new owner. The old owner didn't have enough time deal with my nasty biting problem. (I must say, my beak is in good shape.) Well, a little about me, I'm a beautiful blue color. My all-time favorite food is Chicory. Diddo and I love to roll all around in the cold, wet, chicory before we take a big, juicy bite of it. (It is fun to see Diddo's beak all green-colored after she is done eating.Ha,ha,ha,ha!!!)

    Diddo's story (in her own words): HI!! How are you doing today?! As you have probably guessed, I am the beautiful white parakeet in the picture!! My owner picked me out at a pet shop not too far away. I was sitting there helplessly on that cold, wooden, perch, with other parakeets all around me. They were fighting and chirping loudly all around. As my soon-to-be owner walked in, I examined this person. They bought me, and I was put in a small cardboard box for the ride home. When I got home, I met Sweetie. At first she was kind of mean. But, we soon became birds of a feather. Ok, now a little more about me! My favorite food is millet. I could sit on my perch all day and consume mass quantities of millet spray. I don't like to take bathes (and neither does Sweetie) but occasionally, we will hop in our water dish, and splash around. We also enjoy our wild Cow vetch treat. My owner gets it for us!

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