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January 6, 2003

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Jessie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jessie
Age: One year and eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Bremen, Germany
   This is my guinea-pig girl Jessie. She lives with her nine guinea-pig friends in Bremen, Germany. Jessie has three sisters: Jamie, Fuchur and Flöckchen (Snowflake). Jessie is so sweet and courageous.

    When I am preparing the meal for the piggies, Jessie always runs to the kitchen to see what I am doing. She is not always a good piggie, sometimes she argues with her sisters and "hunts" them, but nevertheless Jessie is my favorite guinea pig. She likes to eat meadow hay, salad cucumber, Red cabbage, carrots, apples and corn. All piggies make us a lot of joy. It's very interesting to watch them. Jessie is a special guinea pig. Since she was born, she has been an impudent guinea pig. She did not fear the large guinea pigs, but she did respect for her mother. Jessie has a beautiful slim figure and she runs a lot and can jump very high. Once Jessie jumped on the roof of the cage because she saw that grass and dandelions lay there for drying. None of our other nine guinea pigs dares to do such a thing! If I call the word "meal" or whistle then Jessie runs immediately to the empty plate. What makes Jessie so special is, she is courageous, nothing is too high or too hard for her to try. If I cut fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, Jessie hears that immediately and squeaks very loudly. You can visit Jessie and her friends on her homepage.

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