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January 4, 2003

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Cherokee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cherokee
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter Horse, Arabian
Home: Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi my name is Cherokee. I am a Quarter Horse/Arabian paint pony. I am 11 years old. I was rescued from a slaughter house in Ohio and was taken care of by a wonderful woman names Sharie... I was then taken to my new home in Pennsylvania with a thirteen-year-old girl who loves me and takes care of me. She rides me and is planning on showing me in 4H this summer. When I first was rescued, the people said that I bite and kick, but when Sharie took me home she found out that I am a great child's pony. I am very pleased with my new owner and love her greatly.

    Cherokee is a wonderful horse with a very out going personality. I have been riding him Western lately and when I trot him over ground rails he jumps them so I have a feeling he loves to jump. He is not a slacker, he likes to go. I have been working at Whispering Acres Rescue and Sanctuary for over a year now and I was interested in getting a horse of my own. I talked it over with my parents and the barn owners and they got cherokee for me from Sharie, the lady who rescued him. We have a nickname for Cherokee, either Tubby Tubby two by four or just plain old "Kee". I can ride him Western and English, he jumps and does trail rides. A couple of weeks ago I rode him in Whispering Acres annual trail ride.It was mostly up and down hill. We went up hills so steep, I didn't think he could do it, but believe it or not, he did wonderfully. Over the last summer we had, I used kee for pony rides at green houses and festivals. I'm so proud of him. I've only had him since July and he had really caught on to me. I was riding him one evening and the bit to his bride went over his tongue and he started to flip out... Well I fell off and he was running around. Even after me falling off, I just stood there. Laura, the barn owner, was standing a couple yards away and he came to me and not her ... He surprised me. Kee has a navicular, where the bones in his legs begin to twist when they're not taken care of. He came to us that way. We have to keep shoes on him all the time or he will go lame and I won't be able to ride him. I love Kee with all my heart and I would never give him up no matter how much money anybody offers for him.

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