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January 3, 2003

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Mya, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mya
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Toco Toucan
Home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
   Mya is a year old Toco Toucan. What makes Mya special is her inquisitive nature, her outgoing personality and the way she throws her beak over my shoulder for a cuddle and purrs in my ear. Mya has learned to hop back and forth from perch to perch on command. If I say "hop hop" she'll jump from one perch to the other. I'm working on teaching her how to wave, as well. She enjoys tossing balls up into the air and grabbing a hold of her toys and shaking them back and forth. Mya is quite affectionate, but on her terms. Toucans do not have the ability to talk, like psittacines, but she does make two sounds... a purr (which sounds like a woodpecker) and a croak. The smaller picture shows the two of us are together, so you can see how tame she truly is.

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