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Fred the Guinea Pig Fred
Guinea Pig
January 01, 2003

Cleo the Veiled Chameleon Cleo
Veiled Chameleon
New York, New York, USA
January 02, 2003

Mya the Toco Toucan Mya
Toco Toucan
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
January 03, 2003

Cherokee the Quarter Horse, Arabian Cherokee
Quarter Horse, Arabian
Pennsylvania, USA
January 04, 2003

Ashley the Syrian Hamster Ashley
Syrian Hamster
January 05, 2003

Jessie the Guinea Pig Jessie
Guinea Pig
Bremen, Germany
January 06, 2003

Spike the Jackson Chameleon Spike
Jackson Chameleon
Wisconsin, USA
January 07, 2003

Daisy the Dwarf rabbit Daisy
Dwarf rabbit
Buffalo, New York, USA
January 08, 2003

Pistachio the Green Cheeked Conure Pistachio
Green Cheeked Conure
Coconut Creek, South Florida, USA
January 09, 2003

Rodney the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rodney
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
San Diego, California, USA
January 10, 2003

Sweetie, Diddo the Parakeets Sweetie, Diddo
Maine, USA
January 11, 2003

Sirus the Rat Sirus
Ventura, California, USA
January 12, 2003

Meeko the Guinea Pig Meeko
Guinea Pig
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
January 13, 2003

Piccolo the Parakeet Piccolo
South Carolina, USA
January 14, 2003

Angel the Ferret Angel
January 15, 2003

Minky the Guinea Pig Minky
Guinea Pig
Victoria, Australia
January 16, 2003

Snowball, Dixie the Mini Lop Rabbits Snowball, Dixie
Mini Lop Rabbits
Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
January 17, 2003

Willow the Thoroughbred Willow
Michigan, USA
January 18, 2003

Screwball the Hooded Rat Screwball
Hooded Rat
Kennewick, Washington, USA
January 19, 2003

Prettycat the Quaker parrot Prettycat
Quaker parrot
January 20, 2003

Lilo the Syrian Hamster Lilo
Syrian Hamster
Southern California, USA
January 21, 2003

Mac the Blue and Gold Macaw Mac
Blue and Gold Macaw
Central Valley, California, USA
January 22, 2003

Tiny the Green Iguana Tiny
Green Iguana
Colorado, USA
January 23, 2003

Milagro the Guinea Pig Milagro
Guinea Pig
South Burlington, Vermont, USA
January 24, 2003

Missy the Ferret Missy
Glendale, Wisconsin, USA
January 25, 2003

King Babs the American Quarter Horse King Babs
American Quarter Horse
North Texas, USA
January 26, 2003

Hienrich the Syrian hamster Hienrich
Syrian hamster
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 27, 2003

Happy the Black & Tan rabbit Happy
Black & Tan rabbit
The Netherlands
January 28, 2003

Gizmo and Fluffy the Guinea Pig Gizmo and Fluffy
Guinea Pig
New Jersey, USA
January 29, 2003

Buzzer the African gray parrot Buzzer
African gray parrot
January 30, 2003

Pudge the Hedgehog Pudge
Michigan, USA
January 31, 2003

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