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February 27, 2003

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Nicky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nicky
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green cheek conure
Home: Reston, Virginia, USA
   This is Nicky, our green cheek conure. He resides in Reston, VA with Tango, and Baby Girl, and Peanut, and Sierra our other conures. He also resides with a medium Sulphur crested Cockatoo named Baby, and a Yellow Collar Mini Macaw, named Maxi. Nicky loves to play mock battle. He will raise the feathers on the back of his neck and hiss up a storm! He will also sit still and loves to be petted on his head and down his back lightly. He does not know he is a li'l guy, so we have to watch him carefully around the bigger birds, as he does try to dominate them and show them who runs things around here. Nicky is small, but he can talk up a storm! His favorite things to say are: "Hello," "What," "Nicky Nik," and "Goodbye." He also whistles, and does various other wild bird sounds he hears from the birds on the back porch. He loves to go for car or shoulder rides, or just to watch tv quietly on your shoulder. Nicky also does love taps on your hand or fingers, much like Morse code! He is a small conure with a big heart!

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