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February 26, 2003

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Chai, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chai
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Russian Dwarf Hamster
Home: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
   Chai is our little sweetheart around the house. No matter what time of day, sleeping or not, she's always ready to play. Her official name is Chai (named for the color of Oregon Chai tea latte) but she actually responds better to "Paws." Chai has three speeds: Off, Laid-back, and Warp II. Surprisingly, she is our lap-hamster. She loves to cuddle up and fall asleep on us while we're watching TV; she also enjoys surfing the internet! When she's not snuggling with us you can find her in her ball or in the "playpen." Her "apartment" is upstairs and she enjoys hiding out in her box, playing in her sandbox, or running on her new wheel. Her favorite treats are Quaker Oats and frozen peas. Chai Oddities: She hops about like a rabbit in the playpen. She sits patiently while you trim her claws. And she has a real affinity for fleece and flannel shirts.

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