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February 24, 2003

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Eyelash, the Pet of the Day
Name: Eyelash
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Falls Church, Virginia, USA
   My bunny's name is Eyelash. She is the sweetest thing and she follows me everywhere and she is so cute! She lets me hold her and is very social. "Eyelash" loves to look around everything and everyone will love her! She's the best thing in the world!!! She loves to be petted and loves to chew on baskets and paper. She is very curious and adventurous, and she has even gotten lost, but instead she was had just climbed our stairs and was calmly sitting in my room! She always grooms us and she is just so sweet! When I first saw her, I knew she was the best bunny, and I was right.

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