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February 20, 2003

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Zabubafu, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zabubafu
Age: Two years old
Gender: Unknown
Kind: Cuban Knight Anole
Home: Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
   Zabubafu, nicknamed "BooBoo" became a member of our family just under a year ago at approximately one year old. BooBoo is very calm, friendly, and has a very distinct personality. We are not sure if BooBoo is a male or a female, and have referred to him as a "he" since we adopted him. We are now however, starting to believe that he is really a she due to BooBoo's recent "Motherly instincts." Zabubafu used to live with a Mountained Horned Dragon named Elmo. When Elmo passed away, BooBoo was devastated and stopped eating for almost two weeks. She just seemed so sad. Her color changed from bright green to black, and she seemed to be depressed, so we adopted a pal, Picachu, who is a much smaller Chinese Water Dragon. From that day forward, BooBoo had a purpose. She has assumed the motherly role and babies Picachu so much. She snuggles with Picachu all the time, and always lets Picachu have the first choice of branches in their home. They sleep together, and BooBoo won't eat until Picachu has eaten first. She is non-aggressively protective of Picachu, and we think that she believes Picachu is her child. She is very loving and affectionate toward her, and it has been quite odd, yet refreshing, to witness such a tender, loving, motherly instinct from a lizard.

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