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February 18, 2003

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Sadie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sadie
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Prairie Dog
Home: Buffalo, New York, USA
   Yip, Yip, Ya-hoo! My name is Sadie. I am a nine-month-old prairie dog originally from Lubbock, Texas. Back home in Lubbock, Mayor Marc McDougal is trying to have all my kinfolk poisoned for political reasons. A wonderful lady named Lynda Watson rescued my brother, Willy, and I, and put us on an airplane to Buffalo, New York, where we now live with my new human Mom and Dad, and two other prairie dogs - Ernie and Toby. We are very lucky, as are a few thousand of my cousins who have also been rescued and relocated by Ms. Watson.

    My Mom tells me I am a very smart prairie dog. I like to play Mom's piano with my feet, and sing at the same time. Sometimes Ernie and I sing, "Yahoo, Yahoo, Yahoo!" when Mom and Dad play their fiddles. We like going to folk festivals all summer long. Everyone stops to pet me and tell me how lovely I am. When men stop to pet me I usually give them a big smile. Mom has to explain to them that it is a smile, because a wide open grin doesn't look so inviting when there are big teeth in the middle! (My cagemate, Toby, only smiles when he's getting his rump scratched.) I snuggle up with Mom and Dad in the "big nest" each night. I am the only prairie dog in our coterie who has that privilege, and it suits me just fine. I eat lots of different kinds of hay. Sometimes I even get Cheerios. My favorite treat is race horse oats, but I can only have a few teaspoons a week because it is very fattening. When Mom gives us oats, she has to divide it in two bowls, or else I get very fussy with the boys. I lay across the bowl and yell at anyone who tries to share my oats. Other than that, I'm a very good girl. If you want to see pictures and movies of me and my friends, visit Prairie Dog Registry. You can even see movies of my friend Kizzie, the prairie dog, swimming in her pool!

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