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February 11, 2003

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Dance Magic, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dance Magic
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Spanish Mustang
Home: Garland, Texas, USA
   Dance Magic is an absolutely amazing horse. His color is extremely rare, a blue corn appaloosa, with bronze roaning on his legs, along with tiger stripping, spider webbing on his forehead, parti colored eyes, and a robicano (white) mane and tail. He has a sweet nature and a loving personality. He excels at speed events, show events and was named SMR's (Spanish mustang registry) Trail Horse of 2000. Recently at he won one of his breed registry's National Shows: Champion Broken Color, Champion Adult Rider, Champion Original Mustang and Reserve Overall Show Champion.

    Dance has one of those, "Heh ... alright sir." kind of personalities. Nothing really gets to him. He's usually the rock when there is a storm of other horses acting up. He loves to play and often when I lounge him in the round pen, for his reward, I play bite the knees with him like a herd buddy would do. I use my hands to nip at his legs and he gently grabs my hair and never leaves a mark. He can paw on command, both from his back and on the ground as well as do stretching exercises, say yes and no, give kisses and hugs.

    Dance has an amazing extended trot, those in NATRAC call him the 'spider' for how far he stretches out. We have yet to clock Dance's extended trot time, but his father had an amazing 17mph trot! He has a calming personality and everyone who seems him tends to fall in love, because he's such a ladies' man. He knows just where to put his head so you'll rub him and if you have anything that looks shiny and jingles, beware. It belongs to him now. :) (He really loves the belly dancers at the SCA events we attend.)

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