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February 9, 2003

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Happy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Happy
Age: Deceased, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Teddy Bear hamster
Home: Manchester, Connecticut, USA
   We named her Happy because that's how she made us feel whenever we would play with her or see her "dance" for us (That's what it looked like she was doing when she scaled the wall of her cage). Happy loved blueberries, listening to someone play the guitar and most of all, trying to escape! She did get out of her cage a few times, and even though Baxter, our cat, wanted to play with her, she always managed to outsmart him and hide. We always found her later and soon got her a glass cage. Happy was the best little angel that came into our lives. She was the sweetest thing and we are grateful that we had the privilege of being her family for two years.

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