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December 30, 2003

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Ham Ham, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ham Ham
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   This is Ham Ham with her owner Lyiah. Ham Ham is only six months and loves to be held and kissed and petted. She loves to run around the house and take naps on Lyiah's chest. Ham Ham is a special guinea pig who loves to be babied by her owner who loves her so very much. Ham Ham loves to run after her Lyiah and chase her. She is a very loving guinea pig. Her favorite game is fetching! Yes, she can fetch. Her owner Lyiah spent lots of time to teach her. Ham Ham talks back to you if you baby her, and loves to get rubbed behind her ears. She is very affectionate and sometimes cries when Lyiah goes off to school!

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