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December 23, 2003

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Johnny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Johnny
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
   Johnny is special to me because he was so hard to bond with. I used to be afraid to handle him, now we can't get enough of each other. We've had him for half his life. My husband got him from someone he worked with who didn't want him anymore. He was not used to being handled, at all. In fact, the first day I met him he bit me while I was offering him some watermelon. A year ago, I began efforts to try to bond with him. I'd take him out to sit with me, or just carry around him. We have three cats also. One of them, a black one named Violet loves to sleep in his house with him. She must have thought we put in those extra shelves for her. He doesn't mind the cats at all. His routine now is to come down in the morning and try to escape from his cage. We just had to put different locks on the door, since it's so cold out now that it's not a good idea for him to be out wandering for long. He likes to go on little adventures around the house. Usually he is pretty easy to keep track of unless he finds a cozy place and falls asleep. He tries to be independent, is very stubborn at times, but over-all, really seems to enjoy the interaction. He is very affectionate, likes to give little licks/kisses, but I am cautious about that now after he nipped me on the nose recently while pretending to be affectionate. When one of the cats come up to him to sniff him, he gives them little licks on their noses, usually startling them. He definitely has an attitude, especially when he wants to do one thing, and I prefer that he doesn't, like trying to climb the stone wall around the fireplace!

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