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December 14, 2003

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Elmo and Monae, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elmo, Monae
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Lovebirds
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   My two lovebirds Elmo and Monae are the sweetest pair around. Elmo (a peachface masked hybrid) and his girlfriend Monae (a whiteface peachface) both came to me from places where they were really unhappy. Elmo was in a canary cage and never really associated to humans. Monae had a mate which died and she was kept solo from that point on. Elmo (Mo) came to me first and immediately demanded any spare time I had. He is so worth it. All he ever wants is kisses and cuddles. Monae came about a two months later and was a little harder to get close to. She now loves to be out on a shoulder happily peeping to herself and picking her feathers. Elmo and Monae bonded almost immediately and have been a happy little pair ever since!! They love to take baths, sing all day and play on their many toys. They have brought such a happiness to me and it brightens up my day when I come home to hear them excitedly calling for me to come and play!

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