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December 9, 2003

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Caramel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Caramel
Age: Ten weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dwarf lop rabbit
Home: Bootle, Liverpool, England
   Caramel is like no other rabbit. When you walk up to Caramel's hutch she starts jumping round with excitement she is so happy to see you. When other rabbits hate been picked up, Caramel jumps into your arms. We knew Caramel was the right rabbit for us, since the day my Mum, Dad, sister Holly and me walked into the shop and Caramel fell out of the shop hutch. She is so gentle and friendly when you walk into my back garden she runs over to you so she can she who you are. When you lie by her she comes over to you and licks your face to show how affection it she is.

    Caramel's favorite treats are fruit sticks, and she loves being stroked or to play in the garden. When she has just been let out to run she goes to hide but after less than five minutes she comes to find you because she is lonely. When she is too hot, she rolls over and flops into her lie down position in the shade. She never bites and her best friends are Toby (my sister' guinea pig) and Shelly (the next door neighbor's rabbit). I used to want a cat or dog, but now I have got Caramel a wouldn't want anything else. To me she is the best pet in the whole world!!!

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