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December 9, 2003

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Angel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: One year and four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian Quarter Horse cross
Home: USA
   This is my filly, she was born the end of July. She is an Arabian Quarter Horse cross and she was born brown and white but she has kind of turned grey and white over the last year. Even though her name is Angel, it does not suit her very well - she gets herself into alot of trouble! I bought Angel and her mom when she was about two months old. We called her mom Lady, but her registered name is Kamaran.

    Angel was wild when we got her and we were unable to get within ten feet of her. My friend Mandy helped me with her when we got her, but Angel didn't want anything to do with a halter! Finally, when she was about three months old, she let us pet her. When we weaned her at about five months, I started to work with her daily and got her halter broke. Angel is very special to me because we trust each other. I think our bond is so strong because I have done everything with her since a baby.

    Now that she is older Angel still gets into a lot of trouble, but I can never get mad at her for it. I recently taught Angel to lunge, thanks to my friend Karina. I get to train Angel more when she is ready and I am very excited. I had planned to use her for Gymkhana but a few months ago I came home and found her injured, just below her hock. I felt awful. The vet wrapped up her cut, then we put her in the barn. After some more veterinary care, she was in the barn to heal and rest for eight weeks straight. She wasn't very happy about that, but now she doesn't even show that she ever had an injury! I want to thank everyone who helped me with her! Angel is special to me and I am so proud to have her.

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