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December 6, 2003

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Hayley Rebekah, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hayley Rebekah
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Golden Hamster
Home: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
   Hayley is really cute as you can tell in these pictures! She is really hyper at night time and runs all around her cage. (She has a wire cage so she climbs on the wires.) She is really sweet and doesn't bite. She loves classical music because our other animals, a bunny and a guinea pig listen to it. She loves to run around in the basement when her owner is doing her homework. Hayley is very clean and doesn't leave her cage messy. She especially likes sunflower seeds and corn, just like our previous hamsters, Herbie and Hallie.

    Hayley likes to have her picture taken by her owner's neighbor, who loves animals and likes to take pictures of them. Hayley's friends are Fluffy a bunny, Francine, a guinea pig, and Nicki, a Golden Retriever. Her favorite sports are running in her ball and climbing her cage at night. She has a little scar on her nose from something that happened before we adopted her. She has beady black eyes and dark black ears that suite her very well, I think!! I really love Hayley and hope that you have enjoyed these adorable pictures of her!

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