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August 28, 2003

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Turkey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Turkey
Age: Fifteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Australian King Parrot
Home: Adelaide, Australia
   Hi my name is Turkey. It takes about two years to show my true colors. My head will turn red matching my pants. My owners call them pantaloons. I live in Australia at a place called Adelaide. My human owners think I am special because I have such a loving personality and just want to spend all my time with them.

    I can whistle a couple of different tunes and can't wait to learn more. I try to speak sometimes but comes out as a mumble. Mum can make me do a funny dance and I love to play on my super perch dad made me. My best friend Jasmine trained me to do a poo when put on my perch. I just have to keep "erk"-ing. I love to eat grapes, apples, nuts, carrot, pasta, chips, potato and cauliflower the most.

    Wow, now it's time for a nap after all that talking.

    Love, Turkey

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