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August 23, 2003

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Apollo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Apollo
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Registered Appaloosa Horse
Home: Idaho, USA
   Apollo is very special, indeed! He has been the best investment that I have ever made. I have had him for about five years. My mom bought him for me so that I would be out of her hair. But what she didn't realize is that he was my initiation into the Equine world. Ever since I got him I have been given so many opportunities. I have made tons of new friends and met some very interesting people and horses. I have other horses and I always will but Apollo will never be sold. He will remain with me forever.

    He has a very different personality. He hates anyone messing with him except for me, which can be very funny sometimes. My husband said that if he were a person he would be a complete jerk. He hogs the food and doesn't allow any other horses to eat until he's completely full (which is why he now eats in a stall). We pretty much have the same personality. There is no point in doing something unless you do it fast. That is his motto. He runs until he can't breathe and then he'll run more. He prances in place because he's so eager. He doesn't really do any tricks. He can run 35 miles an hour, though! At a horse show a few years ago, I raced him against an actual Thoroughbred race horse. He won. Though he's independent, he can be very sensitive and nice. He excels in almost everything he does. He jumps, does limited dressage, and we've pole bended in the past. I don't think he knows he can lose at anything. He never has. And he's won my heart forever.

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