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August 11, 2003

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Buffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Buffy
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Montgomery, Alabama, USA
   Buffy is a recent addition to our ferret collection. We now have two boys and two girls. We love our ferrets very much and they are spoiled rotten. They have tons of toys and beds everywhere. They are very smart and so far two of them have learned to rollover on command. Also, they will do anything for a raisin!

    Buffy is so funny and makes me laugh every day. She loves to play in our ferret tube with the other three ferrets. When I'm changing sheets on the bed she loves to "help" by attacking the sheets. She especially loves to help me unpack my suitcase when I get back from a trip. Buffy is very affectionate and loves to be held. When I give her a bath she doesn't mind but you should see the way she slides around on the carpet to dry off! I think about her when I'm at work and can't wait to get home to play with her.

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