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August 10, 2003

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Marble, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marble
Age: Deceased, One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Satin Guinea Pig
Home: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
   Marble, my American Satin guinea pig, passed away last September, and it hasn't been quite the same since. Marble was a very loving, affectionate guinea pig, and I miss him very much.

    Marble died when he was only one and a half years old, but I will remember him forever as my first guinea pig. I got Marble at a cavy show, and my sister got his brother, Cuddles. They were both tortoiseshell and white guinea pigs, and Cuddles is still living happily today (with my newest American Satin, Domino). Marble loved his food, and ate many things, such as: pellets, hay, carrots, parsley, oatmeal, grapes and a few other things. (Both Cuddles and he would squeak like crazy to get their breakfast every morning!) Whenever I held him, I would stroke his fur, and he would purr contentedly! Cuddles was his best friend, and after Marble died, Cuddles was very lonely, so I got another guinea pig, Domino, and though he's not Marble, he's as lovable as well!

    In the picture is Marble when I took him to a costume contest at the fair in August 2002. It was through 4-H, and the theme was "Red, white, and blue in 2002," so I dressed up as Betsy Ross, and Marble was a symbol of my flag! It was really fun. I also took Marble in a showmanship class and got first in my category. It was one memory I'll always remember, and I'm very thankful I got to take my guinea pig in 4-H for the one year I did.

    Although Marble passed away, and I still love him so much. Marble's gone, but his memory is forever in my heart.

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