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August 8, 2003

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Hustler's Scarlet, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hustler's Scarlet
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Purebred Appaloosa
Home: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
   Scarlet is a beautiful chestnut Appaloosa mare originally from New York. My neighbors got her through a trade. They traded their world champion mare for Scarlet and Mia, an Appaloosa filly. Cera (The champ mare) was one of my favorites and I was sad to see her go, but when Laurie brought Scarlet home I was so happy. Scarlet is the best Appy mare ever. She is 16hh and such a sweetie... Most of the time. She has been really cranky lately because she has something wrong with her back. I rode her a few times but we had to quit because she was in pain. She is still my favorite, and I brush her and lunge her as often as I can.

    The top picture is her last Fall and the bottom one is from Mid-January. She was out in a pasture all winter and is pretty furry. I have brought her in a few times and brushed her and then one time took my camera and brushed her really good and used a whole roll of film on her. She is picture perfect in every way!! At least she is to me.

    Scarlet is sired by Son Of A Hustler and out of Go Elegant. She is a half sister to Laurie's chestnut roan mare, Diamond On Ice. Ice is a very sweet mare with the exact opposite disposition of Scarlet. Ice is a calm easy going mare that is perfect for beginners while Scarlet is high spirited with lots of energy who needs an experienced rider/handler. Scarlet is constantly moving and hates standing still... Unless she has her nose shoved in a bucket of oats!!

    Around Scarlet you have to be really calm and quiet or she gets very nervous and upset. Scarlet is a very sensitive mare. The owner who had her before leased her to a lady that bred her. The lady's voice was very shrill and loud. She also yelled at her horses. Scarlet didn't like the lady at all and now is very cautious about everybody and doesn't like loud voices. She needs to trust you completely before she will work well with you. I think Scarlet trusts me, she always comes up to me and lets me pet her and catch her. When Laurie and I took her to a horse show in Red Deer last summer she would hide at the back of her stall when somebody she didn't know walked by.

    Scarlet is one of the most gentle horses I have ever met. She respects people and would never do anything to hurt someone she trusts. As for horses, Scarlet is cranky towards them. I don't blame her, all the horses beat up on her, but thats the way it goes. She isn't at the top of the pecking order, but she isn't at the bottom either. Other than that she is a real sweetheart. She has never done anything to me except buck when I ride her, but that's nothing. I'm used to bucking, I love a good rodeo. My own mare bucks all the time, at least once every time I get on her. She bucks for fun though not because she wants me off. We think Scarlet bucked (only when I tried to canter her) because her back was sore.

    Scarlet's favorite treats are apples and carrots. She is so gentle when she takes them from you, she would never bite. If you hold the apple out and try to get her to bite pieces off she won't. She waits until you left go of the treat and then eats it. If you want to feed the treat to her by pieces you have to bite pieces off for her. She is so gentle and would never bite anyone... Unless they bit her first!

    Unfortunately Laurie has sold my beloved mare to a couple that live a few hours away. The good part is they have the money to get a vet to look at her back. I love her as much as I love my own three horses. She is a great mare and worth every cent the people are paying for her.

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