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Chloe the Opal Mini Rex Chloe
Opal Mini Rex
Altadena, California, USA
August 01, 2003

Pippin the Hooded Sable Ferret Pippin
Hooded Sable Ferret
Panama City, Florida, USA
August 02, 2003

Melon the Abysinnian mix Melon
Abysinnian mix
August 03, 2003

Louie the Budgie Louie
Nova Scotia, California, USA
August 04, 2003

Chia the Hairless Rat Chia
Hairless Rat
Massachusetts, USA
August 05, 2003

Pooh Bear the Torte Holland Lop Pooh Bear
Torte Holland Lop
North Georgia, USA
August 06, 2003

Chipper the Cockatoo Chipper
Columbus, Ohio, USA
August 07, 2003

Hustler's Scarlet the Purebred Appaloosa Hustler's Scarlet
Purebred Appaloosa
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
August 08, 2003

Molly the Cockatiel Molly
Monee, Illinois, USA
August 09, 2003

Marble the Guinea Pig Marble
Guinea Pig
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
August 10, 2003

Buffy the Ferret Buffy
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
August 11, 2003

Emperor Itchy the Satin Hamster Emperor Itchy
Satin Hamster
Pinellas Park, Florida, USA
August 12, 2003

Sugar the Netherland Dwarf Sugar
Netherland Dwarf
Northbridge, Massachusetts, USA
August 13, 2003

Bird the Cockatiel Bird
New York, USA
August 14, 2003

Flip, Spot the Turtles Flip, Spot
Glendale, Arizona, USA
August 15, 2003

Miss Mop the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Miss Mop
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
England, United Kingdom
August 16, 2003

Helios the Brown hooded Rat Helios
Brown hooded Rat
Redmond, Washington, USA
August 17, 2003

Tweety the Budgie Tweety
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
August 18, 2003

Silver the Dwarf Rabbit Silver
Dwarf Rabbit
August 19, 2003

Rascal the Marshall ferret Rascal
Marshall ferret
Milan, Michigan, USA
August 20, 2003

Emmy the Severe Macaw Emmy
Severe Macaw
Jefferson, Arkansas, USA
August 21, 2003

Snowflake the Teddy Bear Hamster Snowflake
Teddy Bear Hamster
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
August 22, 2003

Apollo the Appaloosa Horse Apollo
Appaloosa Horse
Idaho, USA
August 23, 2003

Bailey the Gray Cockatiel Bailey
Gray Cockatiel
Oregon, USA
August 24, 2003

Vitnos the Rex Guinea Pig Vitnos
Rex Guinea Pig
Västerås, Sweden
August 25, 2003

Rowdy the Holland Lop Rabbit Rowdy
Holland Lop Rabbit
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
August 26, 2003

Abigail the Miniature Donkey Abigail
Miniature Donkey
Clarksville, Maryland, USA
August 27, 2003

Turkey the Australian King Parrot Turkey
Australian King Parrot
Adelaide, Australia
August 28, 2003

Chloe, Caileigh the Ferrets Chloe, Caileigh
Texas, USA
August 29, 2003

Cinnamon the Lamb Cinnamon
Hemphill, Texas, USA
August 30, 2003

Peanut Butter the Mini Rex Rabbit Peanut Butter
Mini Rex Rabbit
Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
August 31, 2003

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