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April 25, 2003

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Rosie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rosie
Age: Eighteen months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rabbit
Home: United Kingdom
   Rosie is a very loving bunny despite a hard start in life. She was rescued by the RSPCA from a guy who bred bunnies for profit. When they rescued her she was sharing a cage with six other rabbits and was under weight and had bite marks from fighting for food. Today she lives with myself and my husband and has a lovely big garden all to herself. She loves her food especially bread, broccoli and carrots. She likes picking things up and throwing them around and playing her own version of football! If she doesn't feel like she is getting enough attention she head butts you!

    Her personality is quite changeable one minute she is really chilled out and the next she is doing bunny skips around the garden. She is a bit shy at times and doesn't like loud noises especially helicopters and fireworks. She settled in fairly quickly principally because she had been to an animal rescue center before we got her, the center was run by a wonderful lady who has a garden full of rescued and unwanted bunnies. We got Rosie after our other rabbit died, when we went to the rehoming center she stood out because she was so inquisitive, she was sitting on top of her cage watching the proceedings! We were originally going to get a younger rabbit and a much smaller breed but she melted my heart and we knew she was the one for us. Her favorite trick is chucking things around - anything she can pick up she likes to throw. Her favorite thing is my house keys which she picks up in her teeth and shakes before tossing them on the floor. She plays "football" with me by nudging the ball to me with her nose and waiting for me to nudge it back!

    She loves being in the garden where she has a couple of favorite spots for sunbathing, she digs lovely big holes and eats my plants! She is a great escapologist as well, last summer she kept appearing in our neighbor's garden, lying in the middle of their lawn. We discovered she managed to climb onto a pillar and squeeze through some fencing into their garden then she climbed over their rockery to get to the lawn! They thought it was very funny!

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