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April 23, 2003

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Elvis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Elvis
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot
Home: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
   Elvis is very smart and talkative, he says all the "Elvis" things like "I'm just a hunka hunka burning love," "Elvis has left the building," "Thank you, Thank you very much," etc. He also barks and then says "Who Who who let the dogs out?" He loves to take baths, especially when I am cleaning his cage or the floor around it, that way he can splash water on me and holler "You quit that." His favorite treats are apples, but he is willing to try most anything, he loves the mystery muffins I make him (corn meal, applesauce, crushed pellets, mixed fruits and an egg) and he always says "Thank you, thank you very much" for them. Elvis lives in Madison, WI with his humans, a cat and at the present time, 25 other avian friends. His mom and dad run an avian rescue so he always has lots of other birds to play with.

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