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April 22, 2003

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Fluffy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fluffy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Red Wing, Minnesota, USA
   My daughters named him Fluffy, and he definitely lives up to his name because his fur is especially soft, thick and, well, fluffy! Because Fluffy is a house rabbit, he doesn't have to worry about those cold Minnesota winters... brrrrrrrrr! He is litter box trained so he has the run of the main level of our house. People are sometimes surprised at just how much personality rabbits can have: Fluffy is very sweet, curious, smart, and playful. He loves to be petted on the forehead just above his eyes, and scratched behind his ears. He likes to hang out with his two rat pals, Coco and Twixie, and often lies on the floor beside the rat cage. He also hangs out with Browzer, the family dog. Fluffy is special to our whole family because we couldn't ask for a cuter, sweeter, personable pet and we love him!

    Fluffy came along at just the right time. Our family lost our pet rabbit, Honey Bunny when she died at the ripe old bunny age of ten years. Shortly after she died, I heard that someone had baby bunnies available, so I called and went to see them. I immediately fell for this cute little black and white spotted bundle of fur and took him home that same day! Initially Fluffy lived outside in a hutch, but he is now a house bunny, and he seems much happier to live inside with the rest of the family. He is litter box trained and our house is bunny-proofed so he can be loose in the house. Fluffy is very playful and loves to chase his favorite SpongeBob SquarePants ball around the floor! He also loves to run up and down the stairs so he can run down the long hallway and do binkys! A binky is when a rabbit is happy and jumps up in the air or kicks out his feet! Rabbits have much more personality than most people realize, but it's hard to see that when they live outside in a hutch without much human contact. We love watching Fluffy explore and play and enjoy the companionship of his family, and are happy that he is not just another bunny living a lonely life outside in a hutch.

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