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April 18, 2003

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Jenny Wren, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jenny Wren
Age: 26 years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian cross
Home: Stockton, England
   This is Jenny Wren. She is my pony who I have on loan at weekends. She is an Arab cross (standing at about 14. 2 hh) and a lovely Palomino color. She is 26 years old and when she was younger she broke one of her legs and fractured the other and incredibly she survived it. She had to have her legs pinned back together. She was a riding school pony but is now in semi-retirement. She still jumps small jumps and always bucks. She runs off and looks for trouble! She is a very fast ride when she wants to be although she can be very lazy. Even though she is 26, she runs about like she's 6! Her favorite food is anything and because she's so fat she's almost impossible to fall off. Jenny has real personality and is very cheeky but she loves everyone really. I love her very much and I would hate to be without her.

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